Hi! I'm 19 and I guess I am a fan of:
Parle Productions (haven't seen them? GO LOOK THEM UP! they are amazing!)
Tom Hiddleston,
The Avengers,
Doctor Who and, of course,
along with many others.

So go ahead, look around and have fun!

P.S. I am also the Queen of Asgard, the title was given to me from Loki (Jenn from Parle) himself!!! Loki even knelt! :D
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[loki & odin scene - script]

That’s what bugs me about The Avengers…Loki’s telling Thor that he remembers Thor “Tossing him into an abyss” when LOKI LET GO! UGH! 

((Considering the significant trauma he went through both during the event and between what happened in Avengers, I think it actually makes a lot of sense that his memory of how events transpired would’ve been corrupted. Memory is an extremely unreliable beast under the best of circumstances, and his were… decidedly not the best.

That’s not how it happened, definitely. That doesn’t mean it’s not how he remembers it.))

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